Synopsis from the film "THE RED WAR IN EUROPE"


  • Gender roles are something that is out-of-date
    and should not even exist in today´s society, no equality can be reached if the
    biology is allowed to rule. Biology`s standpoint is by the way that biology
    always been and always will remain the same, that assignment between the gender
    are hereditary characteristics. The shape of the scull and size was for a long
    time a strong argument for the women`s frail talent and low intelligence.
    Therefore we must think that power and gender can have a deep connection to

  • The ideal for a woman today is having an extremely thin body, a but of the right size and huge
    breast. There is no way of achieving this ideal look the natural way. These
    ideal that is spread thought the media, with TV, internet, magazine and films.
    The western woman has only the right to equality if she behave as a female. 

    Science therefore should be re-written because biology isn´t the absolute truth, or as Simone de
    Bevoir once said: “ You are not born to be a woman you become it”.